First Photoshoot with the New Broncolor Siros L

Sometimes... OK, a lot of the time my job is a ton of fun. And this past photoshoot was no exception. I was recently tapped by the leading high end photographic lighting company, Broncolor, to test out a new strobe that they were developing. It promised to have all the features I loved in their studio strobes, but with the added bonus of being battery powered, so that I could take it with me on location. Such a strobe sounded like a match made in heaven for me with the outdoor nature of my work and a life on the go. As it was, I was hopping on a plane bound for Las Vegas the next morning.

To me Broncolor as a brand symbolizes speed, power, and control... all in a sleek sexy package. And this new strobe - the Siros L - was all of these things. I knew I couldn't just test it with a simple portrait session. I needed to go BIG. Fortunately for me the City of Sin is known for excess, and is surrounded by incredible landscapes. So I settled in on The Valley of Fire as my location of choice. From there I just needed a subject to place in the scene. I needed something that related to the brand and the features of the Siros L as well. So what better subjects than a sexy fast Ferrari and the explosive power and control of a professional ballerina?! 

A Ballerina Leaping Over the Ferrari 458 Italia - Illuminated by the new Broncolor Siros 800 L monolight.

Now THIS is where it started to get fun. After a bunch of phone calls I was able to round up both! Two incredible young woman from the Nevada Ballet Company were immediately on board. Then after picking up a Ferrari 458 Italia for the afternoon, we piled into the cars and road off into the desert. 

The Siros L performed beautifully, allowing me work quickly, with no cords or cables, capturing the dramatic dancer in the air over the Ferrari just as the sun dipped behind the painted hills. Even after the sun had set we setup a second Siros L and with the LED modeling lights, were able to shoot well into the dark before wrapping up and heading home.

With the help of the Siros L 25w LED Modeling Lights we were able to keep shooting well after dark.

The Broncolor Siros L strobes will be shipping July 1st, 2016, and are currently available for preorder through B&H.

Siros L 800Ws Battery-Powered Monolight

Siros L 400Ws Battery-Powered Monolight