Ecommerce Webitorial in NYC

A great thing about living in NYC is the endless stream of new cloths and accessories, which used to arrive each season, but now seemly burst forth every week. Along with these new offerings comes a consistent need for them to photographed. While my own wardrobe would be considered Spartan most days, it's certainly not for lack of readily available options. In Manhattan you'll find the brick and mortar locations of just about every designer and label you'd ever hope to drape yourself in. On top of that there exists the ever growing digital showroom too. The convenience of e-commerce has fueled a whole new kind of shopping experience and I've lent my photography skills to make is a visually pleasing one. 

Capturing clothing - the product - on a clean white background and delivering the final images with color critical accuracy is only part of the process. The real fun happens when you get to take those new garments (or undergarments) and throw them on a model, mix with music, and let loose in an awesome location! With the help of a killer team that's just what we did earlier this year, at the nightclub Good Units, hidden away beneath the Hudson Hotel. After knocking out the product photographing for a new crop of lingerie, we had the opportunity to really make the outfits sing by showing just how good they look and fun they are to wear. Check out this Behind the Scenes video from our shoot and a couple of the final images that were created that day... Enjoy!