Work in Print - Westcott 2013 Gear Guide

It's that time of year again! A very dangerous / exciting time to be a photographer or videographer... Tradeshow Time. With all the industry gatherings like WPPI, PSW, and NAB it's the perfect time of year for companies to announce all their fancy new gear. This makes for some serious eye candy and drooling over the lastest and greatest new toys popping up on our news feeds. Occasionally new tools do emerge that really improve or change the way you shoot. Any new piece of equipment that allows me to do my job more efficiently means more time interacting with my subject and our creative concept, and that sounds great to me!

I'm really fortunate to work with a company like F.J. Westcott, who has some awesome new stuff lined up for this year, but also makes many of the tools I've been using on the job every day. They just released their 2013 Gear Guide which you can check out here. I love to share behind the scenes photos from shoots and was honored when Westcott asked to include some of them in the new catalog. Check out the photos below to see me in action and for some great educational tips on my use what I do.

Westcott 2013 Gear Guide - Order a print copy or view the PDF online.