A Yogi in Her Element

My favorite thing to photograph is a passionate person, especially in their place of work, worship, or play. Interestingly enough a yogi's personal practice seems to encompass all three elements at once. On top of that most yoga studios strive to create a warm environment anchored in openness and simplicity. Combining this sense of connectedness and serenity in both the people and location is what drew me to start documenting the beautiful souls I've crossed paths with since starting my own journey with yoga.

Last week I was in Brooklyn and dropped in on a Vinyasa class that is taught by my friend Keely. Afterwards the students cleared out quickly. Being roused from Savasana, their freshly calmed minds and rested bodies already becoming clouded again by the constant craziness of life and NYC. "I've only got 32 minutes to get back to the office." "I wonder if the F train is still delayed." "Is there anything in the fridge for dinner?" 

I stuck around after class to observe Keely as she snuck in a few minutes of her own meditation, before cleaning and cleansing the space for the day. Who knew feathers, palo santo, and positive energy where such powerful cleaning agents? With only the afternoon window light and single prime lens there was nothing technical to consider, nor was there an agenda. There was just a beautiful soul in her element and a curious photographer, camera in hand.