Commercial Photography Tips on the HasselbladBron Blog

As a photography educator it's always fun to share affordable tips and tricks to help hobbiest and up-and-coming photographers get great photos. Whether its using bits and pieces from Home Depot to assemble cheap lighting modifiers, or MacGyver style repurposing of overlooked household items. But as a commercial photographer I utilize everything from five dollar pieces of foam core for reflectors, all the way up to sophisticated lighting with parabolic umbrellas that are larger than AND more expensive more than most peoples cars.

So I'm really excited this year to be working with Hasselblad and Broncolor to bring you more of the high-end perspective of my commercial career. I'll be collaborating with them share the advantages of using the fastest and most advanced lighting systems in the industry, as well as the unique images that can be achieved when working with precision lighting modifiers. Get ready for a year of cool photos, fancy gear, and tons of behind the scenes images and lighting diagrams!

Here are two recent articles I wrote on Fashion and Beauty photography. With the support of this collaboration all of the information and education is FREE to photographers everywhere and I even through in my camera settings ;)

Enjoy the photos and happy shooting!


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On Newsstands Now - Photoshop User Magazine Jan ’15

Hey gang, chances are if you're reading this you're already somewhat with regards to mindless scrolling / political diatribes / cat videos ... I mean Social Media! Not all of us are though, and every day it seems you hear about yet another social media website, or "Facebook killer” that you just HAVE TO JOIN. It can get kind of overwhelming.

There is hope though! For those of you interested in harnessing the interwebz to enhance your life, make sure to check out the the January issue of Photoshop User Magazine - sold wherever they still sell paper version of things. I wrote an article in there called “Social Media: Join the Conversation”.

 I discuss a number of things:

  •  Which social media sites are worth joining
  •  How to get setup on each
  •  Thoughts on what to share
  •  How to be heard above all the noise out there
  •  And More!

Social media is a must nowadays fro anyone in the creative space making photographs and art. It's a great way to grow your brand and to share your creations! Make sure to check it out or pass it along to a talented visual creative out there who may need kick in the pants to get their work online and shared with the world!

Or you can sneak a peak at the PDF version that I rummaged up for y'all here! PSU Jan 2015 PDF (But seriously… go get a paper copy too. Print is still cool.)